My Map

Create your travel globe.

My Map is a simple travel globe generator that lets you create a 3D globe of all your travel destinations in minutes.

What can I do with the 3D interactive globe on this site?

Our 3D interactive globe allows you to visually track and showcase your travels like never before. Simply input your destinations, and watch as the globe dynamically updates to display where you've been.

Do I need any special software to use the 3D globe feature?

No, our platform is designed to be user-friendly for everyone. You can easily input your travel data directly on our website, and the globe will render your journeys in real-time.

How can I share or embed the 3D globe on my blog or webpage?

Once you've created your customized globe, you can share it easily using a unique link or embed code provided by our platform. Share your globe with friends, family, or your online community!

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